Betting Strategies – Which Is the Best Sports Betting Strategy?

From sports betting mathematical formulas to specific market selections – ever since betting on a sporting event became a thing, punters worldwide have tried to create a strategy that would maximize their winnings. Compared to online casino strategies, guides for sports betting are said to be a bit more successful. Granted, it is because of their increased success rate, some of them will be prohibited from use in some sportsbooks! In this article, we will discuss the most popular sports wagering strategies, and see which one works best!

Arbitrage Betting – The Most Popular Method

Arbitrage Betting – The Most Popular Method

Punters who are looking for a guaranteed sports wagering system are turning to arbitrage betting (also known as “arbing”). In a nutshell, arbing is a way for a punter to seek out the differences in odds for the same market offered by different sportsbooks, and betting on all possible outcomes. This way, no matter what the result of the event is, the bettor will still be able to make a profit. While the majority of sportsbooks look down on arbing, wagering on different odds in multiple bookie websites is not illegal – which what arbing essentially is. Although arbing is known to be a highly successful strategy, it requires a lot of research, preparation, and a considerable budget (so the time and effort spent are worth it).

Managing Your Wagers Well

Although this isn’t a specific “betting method”, proper management of your actions as a punter is known to increase betting efficiency. Aspects, like managing your bankroll, staying sober, planning ahead, and doing research, are vital to making the right bet. Seasoned punters are always looking forward to staying in a clear “mindset” in order to be capable of properly evaluating a specific market and its odds.

The Hedging Betting Strategy

The Hedging Betting Strategy

If punters want to reduce any risks while increasing their chance for a profit, they often use the “hedging” method. Although considered to be complex, hedging is thought to be quite simple; it basically involves the punter placing a bet on a different outcome of the same market they had originally wagered on. Hedge betting is thought to be a solid strategy, as it works in different ways every time – it can either maximize profit or mitigate losses. Many punters have reported that the use of an odds calculator has greatly helped them in making an optimized hedge wager, which brings us to our next strategy.

Use of Strategy Creating Platforms and Tools

Whether you’re arbing, hedging, or using any type of betting systems that requires the quick re-calculation or comparison of odds and wager amounts, punters advocate the use of any available online tools. While the free versions perform well enough when it comes to focusing on one task, paid platforms are renowned for their multiple features. Platforms that require a paid subscription allow their users to completely customize their strategies, allowing the punter to also add and compare a number of statistics.

Avoiding Risky Betting Opportunities – “Futures”

A “Future” bet, is essentially wagering on an event that is supposed to happen in the future. These markets are usually meant for tournaments, leagues, and other types of sports competitions that are scheduled to take place ahead of time. Punters who have a lot of experience, advise people to avoid making bets on “futures” because many things can happen until the event takes place, and should a competitor or team fails to participate in the event, the wager may be lost. Although in some cases a bookie would guarantee a bet refund, the majority of sportsbooks will not.

The Best Sports Betting Strategies Are Simple

If you’re wondering how to win a bet every time, the currently existing strategies won’t help you achieve perfect results. They are efficient in giving you a significant edge over bookies and market exchanges, but there is simply no way to know how a certain sporting event would turn out. While there are many other betting strategies that depict specific wagering patterns, the most successful ones come down to making highly educated guesses, along with adequate management of one’s bankroll. Always be informed about the market that interests you, and you might increase your chances of making a successful bet!