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Top licensed sportsbooks companies

In the online gambling industry, both casino operators and sportsbooks need to be properly licensed. All of the top online casinos UK are licensed. An online gambling establishment that has a license means that it adheres to the industry standards set by a specific jurisdiction. Below you will see the best online bookies that are renowned for offering not only a large variety of markets but also possess a remarkable number of licenses.

The Betway Sports Is One of the Best

Founded more than a decade and a half ago, Betway Sports most certainly impresses when it comes to offering markets in both regular sporting events and eSports. Covering approximately 22 sports in total, Betway is one of the most licensed companies on our list. Two of the biggest licenses they have were received from the Malta Gaming Authority and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission; however, Betway also has been legally recognized by the jurisdictions of Italy, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Ireland, and South Africa. To this day, Betway continues to pursue licensing in other jurisdictions as well.

betway sport - one of the best
888sport Is One of the First USA Licensed Bookies

888sport Is One of the First USA Licensed Bookies

The sportsbook of the renowned European gambling brand 888 is one of the very few non-US companies that managed to secure a license from the Nevada Gaming Commission in 2013. 888sports has licensed issued by Malta, the United Kingdom, Gibraltar, Sweden, and many other jurisdictions worldwide. The sportsbook version of 888 currently offers 31 sports, every one of which has its own markets. The markets of 888sport can be displayed in the following formats – decimal, fractional, and American.

what are the outright bets

What Are Outright Bets and Are They Worth It

When a bookie opens the new lines (odds) for a new market, the first available bets are the “outright bets.” Essentially, an outright wager means betting on the outcome of a particular competition or a league. For a market to offer outright betting opportunities, the event needs to have more than three participating competitors (or teams).

How Is the Outright Betting Market Formed?

Once an outright betting opportunity has been opened by the bookie in question, all of the participating competitors or teams will be present along with their individual odds. Outright market bets are commonly left open during the duration of some sporting events, but at some point, are closed. Wagers that are made even before the market is opened, are called “antepost” betting, and although they have their advantages, they are considered to be quite risky.

what to know for such a market

What to Know Before Benefitting from Such a Market

While guessing the winner of a competition can seem like a fun wager to make, outright betting does require some preparation. It is a common fact that fans of a particular sport engage in outright bets, due to the fact that they already have in-depth knowledge about all of the participants and the sporting event itself. Below, we have listed even more information about what you need to know before making your outright bet.

The Length of the Sporting Event

If you would place a bet on a competition that resolves within one day (such as a race), which means that your stake will be resolved quickly. On the other hand, if you were to place a bet on the FIFA football championship, your money would be tied to the market until the end of the competition. Make sure you choose your outright bets carefully!

NBA, MLB, and NFL Betting Lines You Can Expect to See

nba markets and lines

In sporting events where there is a significant difference between the sports betting odds, a bookie will incorporate a “handicap” condition in order to create a “virtual balance” (a betting line) between the two participating teams. Bear in mind that line betting is possible in sporting events when there are two outcomes only – win or lose. With that being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the most famous Basketball, American Football, and Baseball leagues are covered by almost every sportsbook online.

NBA Markets and Lines Explained

The National Basketball Association is made up of 30 teams in total, separated into two conferences. Every conference is separated into three divisions, where teams compete for dominance. With so many betting possibilities, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there will be a lot of betting lines offered by bookies.

In basketball, it is very common for the favourite team to win – which make moneyline bets one of the most popular ones in the NBA. A moneyline bet is a straight wager on “who will win”, and can be often handicapped. Since the amount of scored points in basketball is a lot bigger than the one in other sports, bookies tend to also offer an “over/under” total points bet.

Although placing a wager on the favourite team is a logical decision, there are some factors that can yield surprising results. For example, there are many stories where underdogs have managed to triumph due to a home-court advantage. In all cases, the NBA betting lines provide stable odds and numerous opportunities for betting.

Betting Strategies – Which Is the Best Sports Betting Strategy?

From sports betting mathematical formulas to specific market selections – ever since betting on a sporting event became a thing, punters worldwide have tried to create a strategy that would maximize their winnings. Compared to online casino strategies, guides for sports betting are said to be a bit more successful. Granted, it is because of their increased success rate, some of them will be prohibited from use in some sportsbooks! In this article, we will discuss the most popular sports wagering strategies, and see which one works best!

Arbitrage Betting – The Most Popular Method

Punters who are looking for a guaranteed sports wagering system are turning to arbitrage betting (also known as “arbing”). In a nutshell, arbing is a way for a punter to seek out the differences in odds for the same market offered by different sportsbooks, and betting on all possible outcomes. This way, no matter what the result of the event is, the bettor will still be able to make a profit. While the majority of sportsbooks look down on arbing, wagering on different odds in multiple bookie websites is not illegal – which what arbing essentially is. Although arbing is known to be a highly successful strategy, it requires a lot of research, preparation, and a considerable budget (so the time and effort spent are worth it).

what is an arbitrage betting

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