What Are Outright Bets and Are They Worth It?

what are outright bets

When a bookie opens the new lines (odds) for a new market, the first available bets are the “outright bets.” Essentially, an outright wager means betting on the outcome of a particular competition or a league. For a market to offer outright betting opportunities, the event needs to have more than three participating competitors (or teams).

How Is the Outright Betting Market Formed?

Once an outright betting opportunity has been opened by the bookie in question, all of the participating competitors or teams will be present along with their individual odds. Outright market bets are commonly left open during the duration of some sporting events, but at some point, are closed. Wagers that are made even before the market is opened, are called “antepost” betting, and although they have their advantages, they are considered to be quite risky.

What to Know Before Benefitting from Such a Market

While guessing the winner of a competition can seem like a fun wager to make, outright betting does require some preparation. It is a common fact that fans of a particular sport engage in outright bets, due to the fact that they already have in-depth knowledge about all of the participants and the sporting event itself. Below, we have listed even more information about what you need to know before making your outright bet.

fifa football

The Length of the Sporting Event

If you would place a bet on a competition that resolves within one day (such as a race), which means that your stake will be resolved quickly. On the other hand, if you were to place a bet on the FIFA football championship, your money would be tied to the market until the end of the competition. Make sure you choose your outright bets carefully!

refunds for Non-Participating competitors

Refunds for Non-Participating Competitors

When it comes to refunding a player’s bet due to the non-participation of a competitor, outright bets are usually where this happens. It is important to mention that the longer a bet is placed in advance, the greater is the risk of losing it. The same can be said about antepost bets; however, the difference between antepost and outright is that with antepost, you won’t be able to refund your stake if a competitor or team doesn’t participate in the event.

Sport Trends Are Important – Follow the History and Changes

Even as much as some punters want to see smaller and less known competitors winning, the truth is that the majorly played sports are dominated by a handful of teams, since the conception of the games themselves. Knowing this, we should mention that following the news about your favourite team’s players can prove vital for the outcome of your bet. It isn’t uncommon for athletes to become injured, and having to “sit one out” while they recover – the question that will remain, however, is “will this impact the gameplay of the team?” Make sure that you follow the latest trends for your favourite sport, and it will help you with your selection. With the right betting strategy you can conquer many peaks so don't waste your time!

An Indivisible Part of the Sportsbook Market Arsenal

These types of bets are among the first markets to be made available in the online sports betting world. Granted, they are not for everyone – only true fans are bold enough to make a large wager based on their belief of who will win. Although outrights aren’t combined with any other wager types, they can still prove to be quite beneficial on their own. If you’re interested in trying outright betting, we recommend that you perform a significant amount of research - after all, it might just be your lucky day!